Dragon Slayer for hire!

Do you have a problem with dragons? Waking up to charred cattle strewn fields and scorch marks ruining your newly painted front porch? 

Look no further! 

My name is Vincent The Valiant, I'm an experienced dragon slayer operating out of Brighton and I'm here to help, no matter how big or small your infestation.

I've been in training for 3 years after a dragon destroyed my Ice Cream van in spring 2011. The police said it was arson, but I know better! This was my sole source of income and there is no sight more depressing than a puddle of Calypos and Magnums surrounded by teary eyed children. From that day forward I vowed to rid this place of its blight. 

Over the years I have made my own armour from old car parts and they're all painted with flame retardant spray. The sword is an ornamental one I have sharpened and cuts through things really well. I've honed my skills by tackling annoying yappy dogs and cats in the area and think my skill level is definitely high enough to take on even the most ferocious dragon.

On this site you'll find tales of my heroism, find merchandise & posters to help spread the word of Brighton's growing dragon problem and of course you can contact me to request my services.

I’m deadly serious about my work and I KNOW it’s my destiny to rid the world of these scaly vermin.

Head on over to the contact page to alert us